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Nuclear New Horizons: Fueling our Future

October 21-25, 2019 - Santos, SP, Brazil


The Meeting on Nuclear Applications (ENAN) approaches issues related to Science, Technology and Innovation and brings together academic, scientific and industry communities in a warm and stimulating atmosphere. It is a unique opportunity for exchange of information on current developments, as well as, the trends of nuclear technologies and their applications, enlarging the discussion of peaceful applications of nuclear energy, national and internationally. The use of nuclear technology has highly contributed in recent decades to the advancement of science, technology and innovation in various segments of industry, health, agriculture and environment. Today several applications of nuclear technology are present in our daily lives, such as, in cultural heritage preservation, food conservation, food phytosanitary safety, radio sterilization of pharmaceuticals and medicine instrumentation, nanotechnology and polymer development and production, quality control of industrial processes and materials and environmental monitoring.  The dynamism to be always developing new technologies, associated with the advancements of other fields, is one of the main characteristics of nuclear applications. Also, basic research and nuclear technology applications in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and food science and technology have been improving continuously. Other fields, such as, radiation protection, dosimetry, waste treatment and nuclear instrumentation have been under constant improvement and updating, showing the importance of innovation in nuclear technology applications. The XIV ENAN is the mirror where new advances in standard applications and brand new nuclear technologies will be highlighted, with high impact on the future of agriculture, medicine and industry besides on environmental preservation. In this edition, the XIV ENAN technical program will comprise a series of plenary, round tables, lectures by invited renowned national and international experts, as well as, oral and poster presentations of important contributed papers.

Authors are invited to submit papers describing previous unpublished works, covering the following topics:

Margarida Mizue Hamada

Paper submissions are welcome and they will be distributed within the following areas:


E01   Radiation Protection       
E02   Dosimetry
E03   Nuclear Analytical Techniques
E04   Environmental Sciences
E05    Nuclear Instrumentation
E06   Waste Management
E07   Isotopic Techniques in Environmental and Industrial Processes
E08   Medicine and Health
E09   Food Science
E10   Nuclear Applications in Agricultural Processes
E11   Biology
E12   Nuclear Physics
E13   Materials, Science and Technology
E14   Irradiators, Licensing and Regulations of Radioactive Installations
E15   Cultural Heritage