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Nuclear New Horizons: Fueling our Future

October 21-25, 2019 - Santos, SP, Brazil

ExpoINAC 2019

The Brazilian Nuclear Energy Association – Aben organization with 37 years working in the nuclear sector, will promote the 9th International Nuclear Atlantic Conference – INAC 2019, on the theme “Nuclear New Horizons: Fueling our Future”, which intends to discuss the essential role of nuclear science and technology in all its applications for the benefit and development of society. We will explore subjects of nuclear energy as a source that generates industrial demand, employment, social and economic-development and contributes to the environmental goals in the countries and regions where it operates.

INAC is the major event on nuclear energy in Latin America, bringing together more than 1000 registrations and 3000 participants, dozens of enterprises, research institutes and universities around the country.

The ExpoINAC 2019, a traditional technical and commercial exhibition, runs alongside the INAC 2019 and offers the opportunity to network with the delegates, enhancing relationships with existing customers and meeting new ones, demonstrating products or services, launching new products, and seeking international partners for new strategic alliances. The ExpoINAC 2019 also allows an excellent opportunity for the dissemination of projects and solutions for the nuclear energy area and applications, such as nuclear medicine, industry, agriculture, gemstones and food and cultural goods irradiation as well as opportunity for conducting business.

The ExpoINAC 2019 is open to public and private sector organizations, engineering consulting, engineering manufacturers, IT companies, research and development institutions, energy generation, transmission and distribution utilities, fuels and lubricants, infrastructure, sanitation, utilities and optimization of energy efficiency optimization, educational institutions, scientific, business and technological associations and regulatory bodies, among others.

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