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October 21-25, 2019 - Santos, SP, Brazil

1st International Workshop on Thorium (ITHOR-WS)

Since the beginning of Nuclear Energy Development, thorium was considered as a potential fuel, mainly due to the potential to produce fissile 233U. Several Th/U fuel cycles, using thermal and fast reactors were proposed and are still under investigation. However, the technical feasibility to use thorium was made in PWR; the USA PWR Indian Point Reactor was the first to utilize a core load with (Th0-0.9./U1-0.1)O2, with highly enriched U (93w/0), achieving a maximum burn up of 32 MWD/kg HM. Also the last core of the Shipping port PWR (shutdown in 1982) was ThO2 and (Th/U)O2, operating as a Light Water Breeder Reactor (Seed-Blanket Concept) during 1200 effective full power days of operation (60 MWD/kg HM). Besides the utilization in PWRs, Th had been used in the Oak Ridge National Lab. in the prototype Experimental Molten Salt Reactor, a thermal breeder Reactor, using (7LiF)0,72(BeF2)0,16 ThF4)0,12(233UF4)0,3 as fuel and coolant.

Now days, the interest in Th is reborn like a Phenix, and due to huge reserves available all over the world (primarily India, Turkey, and Brazil, but not only), many researches and developments are ongoing using Generation III reactors (Advanced PWR and PHWR); U/Th or Th/Pu fuel cycles, as well as in innovative generation IV reactors using Molten Salt Reactors (solid and liquid fuels), and Accelerator and Fusion Driven Systems. Therefore, it is important that the academia provide scientific, technical, economics and environmental impacts information to promote the utilization of thorium in benefit of the society, and to give to the police maker information’s for taking decisions with scientific and technical bases and in a sustainable way.

This Workshop besides a round table to discuss the present time status of thorium in the world, will accept papers related with calculation methodologies; concepts; economics; environmental impacts; mining and milling; reprocessing; fuel behavior; thermal physics; safety; natural resources, and other topics related with Thorium Utilization in Nuclear Reactors and fuel cycles.

For this event, if you wish to submit a paper, please email the following:

José Rubens Maiorino: joserubens.maiorino@ufabc.edu.br
Claubia Pereira Bezerra Lima: claubia@nuclear.ufmg.br
Claudio Oliveira: cloe82003@yahoo.com.br